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Lift benefits of best Window VPS Server, Onlive Server offers the best and cheap Window VPS Server based with Os. There are many Window VPS Server provider in the market, which makes little difficult to choose the best window VPS hosting at cheap price. Here Onlive Server totally guides and helps their users. Now you do not need to worry about best window VPS based with Operating System.  Also Cheap window VPS easily instant install with Remote Desktop Access and also hosting panels with your choice.

We allow all the services as well as your needs for VPS with best price. You can update your window VPS without any problem, you can use it whenever you want. Each Windows VPS hosting solutions has its own independently Os, web server, mail server, web site hosting control panel and applications. Window VPS hosting has rebooted after every software update. It is always secure, only need to right setup.

Windows VPS hosting is backed by IT support team of Microsoft. Onlive Server has latest technology of Virtualization. We provide Window VPS and Linux VPS Hosting.

  • Free backup restore tools for your website
  • High RAM storage
  • Both secure and reliable, It makes a perfect choice for e-commerce
  • FREE solid state drives (SSD) for higher performance
  • Allows customer to choose geographical server location at the time of checkout for maximum speeds. And also 24×7 exceptional customer supports.

Plans for Window VPS Server

You can choose which looks beneficial and suitable for your website. Our cheapest Window VPS plan just started at $9 per month with 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS per month. We have many plans, you can pick the best you felt for your website growth.

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Onlive Server provides the fully technical support and help. We have technical professional team which is available at 24 hours for your quarry. You can connect us through our website. Once a time Visit our website to know all the offers and benefits, also that you can ask any information related to Server Hosting Plans.