France Dedicated Server

France Dedicated Server Hosting

France Dedicated Server Hosting is out of the ordinary features and takes the business to the one level up. Onlive Server provides a wide range of flexibility with hosting server. We are the leading provider of France Server Hosting that has acquired great importance to offer the best deals. It allows a wide range of Windows and Linux operating systems. If you need functionality and versatility on the website, we provide the best services in France for the value of dedicated server hosting at a low cost. Our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting France is considered an ideal choice for a web-based commercial store, a medium-sized business. You can also select our services for CMS content and control panel. Premium DNS functionality can be used to improve website performance and security. In addition to France Dedicated Server, we offer additional features, including many domain names, web space extensions, software or hardware updates, load balancing, firewall support, etc. Also reliable data transfer and reliable processor with high RAM. The high storage space gives you the opportunity to grow your business efficiently. We provide the highest level of protection to your server, which guarantees optimal power and control. Basically, security of the website is an important factor, which is greatly assured by our France Dedicated Server.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting – Onlive Server

Onlive Server has become the best choice of various companies for outstanding performance. One of the main reasons customers like our services is that your server will never stop. You do not have to face problems with our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. With our quality services, the management of backup features and advanced system performance are simple. You can get 24×7 technical support with Onlive Server. Our network has been designed and engineered to provide the best hardware and strong solutions with 100% power backup. You will get complete control over the server with root/administrator access. You can choose between Linux and Windows Server packages that include extremely reliable SAS disk, multi-core processor, hot-swappable drive and hot-swap, a redundant network and a high power supply. We have tested the security management system, which ensures that your important data on the server is safe and private and you have access to your IT system at all times. We have a large team of technical experts who monitor your server every other day of the year.