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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

If you have been looking for a low cost, Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, we are here to tell you Onlive Server provide Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans that are reliable, flexible and many more benefits. you look for Best Server Hosting Plans, we provide the best platform to have the best solutions at competitive price range. The best thing of our Dedicated Server Hosting is its greatest customer service level which is highly essential for any website. Our Dedicated Servers come with top quality specifications & free-handed bandwidth all for a single monthly cost. Our servers benefit from free setup and are deployed with in hours. customers can take advantage of our free transfer service, meaning client move all your existing sites from your current web host to a brand new server for free. Our Company come with 99.97% up time guarantee and help team available 24x7x365 technical support team.

Currently, there are lots of the companies are offering the Dedicated Server Hosting service so you need to hire the best one which fits your needs. We are one of the leading Dedicated Server Hosting providers in the world. We offer the fully managed Dedicated Server Hosting in different location such as Dubai, Italy, Ukraine and many more to our customers. Our expert’s works with the customers to provide the disk space RAM and other they need.

A look at the technical specifications of a Dedicated server Hosting:-

To give you an understanding of the computing power of a dedicated server, take a look at Dedicated Server Hosting packages. Here is an overview:

RAM: Up To 16 GB RAM,
CPUs: Up to 4 Core processor, 8T, up to 3.2Ghz,
Hard Drive Space: Up to 1TB SATA
Operating System: Linux or Windows
Pricing: Available at Minimum Price

Why Our Dedicated Server Hosting Are Different From Others:-

Bandwidth Allotted to the Dedicated Server:-
Ample bandwidth allows you to handle spikes in bandwidth usage due to increase in users and DDoS attack without worrying about bills due to bandwidth overage.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting offers you with 100% of the system’s capabilities. No one can steal your resources and there is no visualization overhead.

we provide full root access and our servers gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software.

There is no better option than a our Dedicated Server Hosting when you are trying to find the best balance between maximizing performance and minimizing cost so severs is best.

Our Company take pride ourselves on service & support, every one of our Dedicated Server Hosting can handle high volumes of traffic with its own 100Mbps data connection. so if you want servers for your business and any type of your requirement so you go our official website and check our plans which suite your business and needs. you are also connect with us Via email:, Skype : ONLIVEINFOTECH and WhatsApp: +91 971 811 4224